It was hot today. We got assembled at Xiaoying square station.
Being no courage to strike up a conversation with a stranger, we communicated about what can we do when we get lost, how to protect ourselves from hot weather and how to participate in the first aid course at local Red Cross.

keep record on the street_20160619_092543IMG_20160619_094201

Observe the structure of a street.
They were shy to record the wedding celebration store and afraid to record the dead clothes store.
Later, we discussed getting married is a vital and beautiful thing in our life, don’t be shy.
Death is an important component of our life. See the famous movie “Bicentennial Man”, the protagonist do everything to get the shape, the expression, the emotion of human, and finally he want to die as human with dignity.
buy vegetables_20160619_093039Bought vegetables (They were assigned to cook a dish)

to recognize the plant_20160619_095903 season for seeding_20160619_101401
Walked from street to home , shared food at ten, recognized some plants and watched how to plant the rice.
Contest of what we saw in the street

chop them_20160619_112950 cooperate_20160619_115610Cooked with Tuzao(an old type cooker)

Enjoy our lunch.

Reading together.

have an interview with the old couple_20160619_134925
Got an interview with the old couple.

pick the apricot_20160619_142422
Pick up some apricots as present for Farther’s day.

A joy-filled day!